How to Connect an RV to Full Hookups

After 4 decades working with wireless yes their has been wireless long before WiFi , I can say most of the time you are much better off with a hardwired installation — be it audio, video, data, whatever. That doesn’t mean I am anti-wireless, but that statement is based on years of both hardwire and wireless projects. And certainly video wireless offers flexibility and easier installation than hardwire, but the engineering trade-offs of speed and noise immunity, among other parameters, are considerable in many cases. OK, engineering class is over. Very simply, you can run RG-6 cable on the roof inside split loom for protection. You can also run RG-6 and other cables under the RV. I have both configurations on my coach. Where the underside cable s cannot be run next to the frame rails or inside a storage bay using split loom in all occasions , I run the cable through the very durable but flexible plastic electrical conduit at Home Depot and Lowes for road debris protection, anchored every 2 to 3 feet.

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Print Email We’re now nearly three months into our third trip and one of the recurring problems from the previous tours is the matter of drying hair. Sophie, who has lovely long blonde hair, hates not being able to blow dry it properly. We tried all manor of 12v hair dryers which varied from pathetic to down right dangerous with melting wires and popping fuses.

In the end she settled to dry it using the hot air vents in the cab, which in Summer was a bit overpowering!

Hooking up cable to your RV Cable hook up works the exact same as if you were connecting your cable box up at home. If your campground provides cable access you need to grab your coaxial cable and connect one end to the cable supply and the other into your rig.

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Farewell to Microsoft Autoroute – Discontinued in If you are familiar with our blog, you’ll know Microsoft Autoroute features heavily in our route planning and navigation. Last year I spent the best part of a day compiling and formatting a data set in Microsoft Excel for use with Autoroute. Over , lines of information were formatted as hyperlinks to take you direct to where the information was displayed online from several sources. It has been downloaded more than 10, times – so at least I know I’m not alone.

50 amp hook-ups are found at sites , , , , , , , , and Site is a 50 amp handicap access site. Site is a 50 amp handicap access site. An adapter is required for the electrical hook-up if the RV does not run 50 amps.

The inexpensive plug-in mains tester indicates any fault in the campsite mains supply, such as reverse polarity, or missing earth, and can also be used to test all the other socket outlets in the van. In our simple 12volt installation, the van and leisure batteries are kept entirely separate; the van starter battery cannot be used to power the fridge or any other 12volt item installed.

In this instance we assume the solar panels are not producing a useable output. There are alternatives to having a bank of switches, meters and lights mounted separately on a panel in this fashion. A look at Pro-converters vans will show what is available – although some systems will be expensive and may be difficult for a self-builder to obtain and install. We like the simplicity of discrete items – if anything fails we can easily find and isolate the problem.

Complex systems which combine services with displays and touch screens, that include power supplies, charging, fusing, etc. This is a clever, if expensive, item but then it was developed for the marine environment so should be reliable. Simply, on start-up the charger monitors the voltage of the van starter battery; if there is insufficient voltage present, then the charger will just continue to monitor, but not try to charge the leisure batteries.

If the van battery is near fully charged or once it has been charged sufficiently by the van alternator , the B2B charger will switch on and, if necessary, fast-charge the leisure batteries.

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Toilets and washroom during opening hours. Water available, toilets during opening hours, hardstanding available, 5 motorhomes only. Drivers must park their vehicles in the parking bays. Normal charges apply between the hours of 9.

RV – Fresh Water Hook Up Hose – 4 Foot Length x 1/2″ – Drinking water safe. Great for hooking up water filters! Manufactured with FDA sanctioned materials. Includes hand gripper and hose washer.

These high quality products are manufactured for us by Remco. These items will assist you in easy hook up of the towed vehicle to your motor home. Our driveline disconnect and axle lock to different mechanical disconnects will disengage the automatic transmission while under tow. For front wheel vehicles we provide the lube pump, this unit circulates the transmission fluid through the radiator cooling system to prevent damage to your automatic transmission.

Drive line Disconnects Prevents transmission damage from occurring by disconnecting the rear differential from the transmission With our Drive Shaft Coupling you now have a simple and convenient way to tow your rear-wheel drive automatic transmission vehicles. No more having to have your car mechanically serviced to disconnect your drive shaft from the rear axle. There’s no worry about damaging your transmission. To drive your vehicle, a simple push in on the control knob and you are ready to tow.

No transmission damage while towing. No speedometer miles are accumulated while towing. Shift to drive or tow in seconds.

Setting up to flat tow F-150 behind a motorhome

Read on if you want to learn how to use our electric hook-up facility safely and efficiently. There are two main ways you can power electrical devices on the campsite. The first is to use a leisure battery, which is like a car battery and provides a 12V supply, and the second is an electric hook-up. Most commercial campsites in the UK will offer electric hook-ups on some or all of their pitches, we have 46 here at the Red Shoot Camping Park.

The power on our site is designed on the basis of diversity so the main site power supply is geared up to an average electrical usage assuming not all hook-ups take 10A at any one time.

As newbies we had no idea how to connect an RV to full hookups at a campsite. After years on the road, we know what works and whats needed.

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Most of the work here has to be done by a licensed propane company. The connection to your RV is easy as soon as you put a wire in the ground. The trick is, it has two connections. Most people will use all these parts and hoses already installed is the trick to use! Run a high-pressure gas line Check with your local propane company, but since the trainer has a regulator and if you connect a pound bottle that is considered a high-pressure port, you will need a wire that will be brought to the bus.

Jun 12,  · There are time when I cannot use my satellite dish and need to use the parks cable TV. I have a Winnebago Journey Express and when I hook up to the outside cable, using the correct connection on the coach, I cannot figure out how to get the signal to the TV.

Hooking Up Your Toad To Your Motorhome Once you have obtained the proper pieces to safely tow your vehicle behind your motorhome, the next step is to know the right way to hook up and attach all the pieces. First, you need to attach the tow bar pieces to the baseplate of your vehicle. They are held in place with pins and clasps, but I also add padlocks on each adapter.

That way, I have better peace of mind that they will stay in place even if one of the pins should happen to come loose. Next, the tow bar itself is positioned over the adapters and then attached to the adapters using padlocks or pins. Obviously, you need enough room to get the toad behind the motorhome and relatively straight.

The V-bar style tow bar requires that you and your partner get the toad exactly lined up so that the cup on the front of the tow bar is aligned with the ball on the motorhome. Once the cup and ball are mated, be sure that the latch on top of the cup is fully seated and is latched. It is possible to set the cup on the ball in such a way that the latch will not catch—and your toad can come loose.

After attaching the tow bar, and latching the cup and ball, always give the bar a good jerk upwards to be sure that it is not going to pop loose. I always put a long shanked padlock through the holes on the latch—if the padlock will go through the holes, the cup and ball are properly connected. Putting the padlock on the ball and cup also gives me assurance that there is no way that the latch can come undone and allow the toad to separate from the motorhome.

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